Approved Respite Classes

Respite Training Curriculum – 12 Hours Required

To be eligible as a respite provider, please select classes from the following list to complete 12 hours of training. For convenience, check our website at www.focusonyouth.com for dates and times trainings are scheduled or call the office to ask about the training schedule for the classes you want to take.  Other classes may be accepted upon submission of a class certificate and approval of the Focus on Youth Program Manager.


Pre-Placement ClassesEach class is 3 hours

Pre-Placement Session 2 – The Child Protection Team

Pre-Placement Session 3 – Child Development

Pre-Placement Session 4 – Trauma and It’s Effects

Pre-Placement Session 5 – Child Sexual Abuse

Pre-Placement Session 6 – Minimizing the Trauma of Placement

Pre-Placement Session 7 – Transcending Differences in Placement

Pre-Placement Session 8 – Helping the Child Manage Emotions and Behaviors  

Pre-Placement Session 9 – Understanding Primary Families  

Pre-Placement Session 10 – The Effects of Caregiving on the Caregiver Family   

Pre-Placement Session 11 – Long Term Separation

Pre-Placement Session 12 – Post Adoption Issues


Ongoing Courses – hours may vary depending on the topic. 

Core: Attachment, Separation, Grief  

Core: Safe Crisis Management for Caregivers

Core: Child Development

Core: Dynamics of the Sexually Abusive Family

Nurtured Heart Approach

Focus on Youth, Inc. Policies, ODJFS Rules, and MEPA Standards


Family & Treatment Foster Parent Training – The following classes are not on the regular training rotation; but are offered occasionally. Hours may vary and other topics may be offered and approved. Contact the Training Manager for prior approval. 

Adolescent Issues

Developmentally Appropriate Activities for Children

Domestic Violence

Independent Living/Life Skills

Trauma Informed Care

Power Struggles and Strategies for Coping

Substance Abuse and the Effects of the Family

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